Xtreme Matte Lipstick
The Best Matte Lipsticks Brand
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Xtreme Matte Lipstick
extreme pigment, full coverage, long lasting
packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
contains natural vanillin extract

Matte, longwear, no shine
smooth and creamy
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A luxurious lipstick with a velvety matte finish - no trace of dry, cakey colour here. Goes on smooth and doesn't move until you want it to, this formula is rich in pigment and completely mattifying. Give your lips a luxurious suede finish in an instant. NET Weight 4g /0.12 US OZ

How To Use

Applied straight from the bullet or with a lip brush, these matte lipsticks work well with a lip liner and with a gloss over the for a more moisturising and glossy look. Take care around the edge of the lips to keep it as defined and as sharp as possible.

Using a tissue to blot your lips after application will dull down the pigmentation making them a slightly lighter wash of colour.