Metallic Eyeshadow
Metallic Eyeshadow Futuristic
Metallic Eyeshadow
Get a gorgeous PALE PINK NEUTRAL
frosted finish and enhance the natural sparkle in your eyes
in minutes.

This highly pigmented natural frosted eye shadow will make every eye colour shimmer and shine. Add to your existing eye makeup for a glossy finish, or use it as a liner with a precise brush to make your eyes pop. Feels lightweight and dries quickly for a look that stays put all day and all night. NET Weight 2g /0.06 US OZ

How To Use

To ensure the longest wear possible, prep your eyelids with a primer or a thin layer of foundation, then set this in place with you face powder, or a light eyeshadow. Eyeshadows can be worn alone, all over the lid or a combination of multiple different shades.

Using the lighter shades in the inner corner as a highlight and all over the lid, with matte darker colours through the crease to add definition and intensify.

Ensuring that you blend the shadows to create a seamless, and polished look. Works well with an Eye Pencil for some added eyeliner, and a generous coat of mascara on your lashes.